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Discipline Without Stress, Inc. provides U.S. schools resources to promote responsibility in both behavior and learning.

“Your work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages. You are the best thing going in discipline.” BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE—C.M. Charles, 11th Edition

Discipline Without Stress, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) education non-profit charity that improves classroom management, significantly reduces discipline and behavior problems, and prompts motivation for learning. The reason is that the system shows how to use authority without coercion.
Any USA K-12 school is eligible to receive free materials and consultations.

The approach is totally noncoercive (but never permissive) and prompts INTERNAL motivation to have young people behave responsibly because THEY WANT to. The system contrasts to commonly used external motivational approaches that aim at obedience by using rewards to control, threats, or imposed punishments.

By using your approach, we have a different school this year.
—Esther Severy, Principal – Santa Ana, California

Without Stress Teaching Model

PHI DELTA KAPPAN cover article, "Encouraging Responsible Student Beahvior"

Any USA primary, elementary, middle, or high school can receive 20 free copies of the landmark education book Discipline without Stress® Punishments or Rewards: How to Promote Responsibility & Learning (shipping not included). Additional books will be at a 50% discount ($19.98) rather than $39.95.

The school will also receive the 100-page Resource Guide for duplication.

DWS School Grant Application

DWS School Grant Application

Step I - DUPLICATE the Discipline without Stress Teaching Model for all certificated staff.

Step II - DUPLICATE the PHI DELTA KAPPAN cover article, “Encouraging Responsible Student Behavior“ for the staff to read and discus. All certified staff members need to understand Discipline Without Stress—even though only interested teachers will use the system.

Submit this application AFTER both Step I and Step II have been implemented.

Please include city, county and state (ie. DCPS, Duval County, Jacksonville Florida)
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