Charity for US Schools


ALL certificated staff at your school need to receive and read these two documents.

This is required. The reason is that some teachers on your staff may resist this noncoercive approach. They may still want to rely on obedience—that does not create desire—rather than promoting diversity and empowerment. Therefore, it is essential that ALL teachers understand the approach of teachers who want to use Discipline Without Stress.

NOTE: When playground and cafeteria supervisors refer to the Levels of Social Development when observing irresponsible behaviors, only one question needs to be asked to immediately stop the behavior.

The Levels of Development refers to the four levels of the Hierarchy of Social Development. It is a simple reference for students to reflect on a level of unacceptable behavior (A or B) or on a level of motivation (C-external) or (D-internal).

Just having the student identify/reflect on her/his chosen level (A or B) immediately stops irresponsible behaviors. (You will see how simple and easy this is because reflection is the most effective approach to induce change and has the adult stay in authority without using coercion.)

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